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10mm Miami Figaro Cuban Link 14k Solid Chain

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 Brand new Miami Cuban Figaro link Solid Chain at the best price and best quality you will find ANYWHERE!! Equipped with a Cuban box clasp, the strongest lock you can have on a chain. Why buy a Miami Figaro Cuban link chain from somewhere else other than MIAMI. Get the real deal straight from the source. If you would like a bracelet or chain at any length or size, contact me we'll make it hand made from our own shop at any karat content (10k,14k,18k, or 22k).



Description: Men's Miami Figaro Cuban Link Chain

Karat: 14k

Metal: Yellow Gold

Weight: Approx. 235g at 30"

              Approx.  219g at 28"

              Approx.  203g at 26"

              Approx.  188g at 24"

              Approx.  172g at 22"

              Approx.  156g at 20"

              Approx.  141g at 18"

Length: 30", 28", 26", 24", 22", 20", 18"

Width: 10mm

Finish: Polish

Clasp: Box Lock with 2 Figure 8 Side latches