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6mm Miami Cuban Link 18k Solid Bracelet

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Product Description

 Brand new Miami Cuban link HAND MADE Solid Bracelet at the best price and best quality you will find ANYWHERE!! Equipped with a Cuban box clasp, the strongest lock you can have on a chain. Why buy a Miami Cuban link chain from somewhere else other than MIAMI. Get the real deal straight from the source. If you would like a bracelet or chain at any length or size, contact me we'll make it hand made from our own shop at any karat content (10k,14k,18k,22k, or 24k).

We make them even in WHITE GOLD!!!

18k Miami Cuban Links are NOT in stock.

Will take 11-12 weeks to Fabricate.

Description: Men's Miami Cuban Link Bracelet

Karat: 18k

Metal: Yellow Gold

Weight: Approx. 30g  at 9"

              Approx. 28g at 8 1/2"

              Approx. 30g at 8"

              Approx. 26g at 7 1/2"

              Approx. 24g at 7"

Length: 9",8.5", 8", 7.5", or 7"

Width: 6mm

Finish: Polish

Clasp: Box Lock with 2 Figure 8 Side latches

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  1. Cuban link bracelet

    Posted by luis garcia on 25th Sep 2020

    Beautifully made!!!
    Proud to wear it

  2. Stop Researching and Just Read My Review

    Posted by Brandon on 10th Aug 2020

    Sorry for the long review, but I just wish someone wrote a substantial review I could have looked at. And the last review on this was over a year ago.

    If you’re reading this, 1) you’ve probably done your homework on Miami Cuban links and 2) you’re probably seeing that 18k Miami Cuban links are not typically in stock. That’s because they’re not cranking out 18k Miami Cuban links in any size.

    I’ve done a LOT of research over months to find the right Miami Cuban link bracelet. Here were a few of my requirements:
    1) It had to be a 14k or higher Miami Cuban link bracelet
    2) I wanted something small and understated
    3) It had to be from Miami (or Cuba, I guess)
    4) It had to be handmade… Machines to some great stuff, but part of what makes Miami Cuban links so great, is how they’re made
    5) My requirements and the quality would determine my price, not the other way around.

    Let’s address SIZE. I knew I wanted something small that I could wear everyday that didn’t bring unnecessary attention. I initially wanted the 5mm but I kept hearing that it looks bigger on camera than it does it person. Maybe it’s how many videos I watched and reviews I read, but I after having it, I probably would have been happy with a 5mm, but I am very happy with the 6mm. For what I was looking for, I think any bigger would be too much for me (I’m 5’7”).

    The discerning buyer knows, there are three major factors that really impact the price of these bracelets. 1) karat, 2) weight, and 3) quality.
    1) 18k is 18k so there’s not a lot DJI can do about that.
    2) I don’t have a professional scale but both the label on my bracelet and my at-home scale came in the same weight: several grams over the posted amount. I didn’t get another charge on my credit card, it’s just what they do.
    3) The quality was and is the most important factor for me. I knew it was difficult to find a negative review about DJI, but could it just be that only happy customers were posting reviews? Well I guess we’ll never know because, I too, am quite satisfied with the quality.

    * Personal rant: I’ve seen a lot of people talk about the fact that DJI isn’t always the most affordable option. While it’s not the cheapest, that’s sort of the point. A 7.5” 18k Miami Cuban from DJI weighs more than any other 7.5” 18k Miami Cuban so I should expect to pay more for more gold. But the price per gram, you ask? DJI had the best price per gram I could find, so it was, in fact, a great purchase.

    I was prepared for a long wait. If you’re reading this and COVID is over, then I’m glad some of us survived, but right now there’s a lot of uncertainty. With the website saying the it would take 1-2 weeks to fabricate, COVID really slowing down work which also creates backlogs, an increased interest in gold, and the reviews I looked at, I was expecting about 6 to 8 weeks. I was planning on checking in at the 6-week mark just to see what the update was. Here’s what actually happened:
    July 5: I ordered online (that was the 4th of July weekend, so I thought it would add a couple more days)
    August 3 (29 days later): I got a call from Rico letting me know that my bracelet was ready to ship. I actually missed the call but he immediately left a message and sent me an email. I follow up and he let me know that due to COVID and it needing to be signed for, I had to pick it up at the FedEx about two minutes away.
    August 5: It arrived, I picked it up, and having been wearing it everyday since.

    I was pleasantly surprised with both the speed and Rico’s customer service.

    My conclusion: I’m from LA and Miami Cuban links aren’t as popular here as compared to the East Coast; It’s hard to get recommendations. I was weary about buying jewelry online, but all the research I did made it a small risk I was willing to take. The “hang straight test” is a thing, and yes, my bracelet hangs straight but there’s a lot more to a quality piece of jewelry. My 18k, 7.5”, 6mm Miami cuban link bracelet (no extras, I wanted my first to be ‘classic’) was a purchase I am not regretting. It takes everything I’ve got to not keep jumping on the website to find my next piece. If you’re looking for the cheapest option to get something around your wrist, this probably isn’t for you. If you’re looking for a high quality bracelet at a very reasonable price, this is it. And if, one day, this bracelet falls apart, I’ll be back and write a scathing review and eat my words. I don’t work for DJI nor are they paying me (I mean, I wouldn’t refuse a gift from DJI), I just like helping people like others did for me. So, if you see a guy in California with a nice Miami Cuban link bracelet, hopefully it’s me.

  3. Very Pleased!

    Posted by Daniel on 18th Jun 2019

    I ordered the 18k 6mm bracelet originally, and decided to switch to 14k bc I would be wearing daily. Was not at all disappointed and I love the bracelet. The craftsmanship is excellent, the links are perfect. I could not be more happy.

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