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Celebrate Easter With An Angel Pendant

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If you’ll be celebrating Easter this year, be sure to accessorize with an angel pendant from Daniel Jewelry. Easter is often represented by the cross or the crucifix, but an angel is an equally relevant accessory. It was an angel who announced to the virgin Mary that she would give birth to the son of God, and when Jesus’s tomb was found open, an angel was sitting there in His place. In the Christian faith, angels guide and protect us, deliver messages from God, and do good works on Earth in God’s name. Why not carry a beautiful gold and diamond angel around your neck this Easter Sunday?

At Daniel Jewelry, we have angel pendants to fit every preference. If you prefer a smaller pendant, you might go with one of our smaller charms between one and 1⅝ inches in height. Tiny pendants not for you? Our angel pendants come as tall as 2½ inches tall, so you can get the ideal size pendant to suit your style.

We can also accommodate a variety of tastes when it comes to sparkle. If you can’t get enough bling, you might go with one of our pendants that are practically covered with our top quality, hand set diamonds. If you’re more interested in displaying the solid gold in the piece, you might choose an angel with diamond wings. Browse our selection today to find your Easter angel.

If you have any questions regarding our angel pendants or other jewelry, please give us a call or contact us online