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Handmade Miami Cuban Link: An All New Strength

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Daniel Jewelry is proud to say that we hand make all of our Miami Cuban Link chains. This Incredible piece of jewelry can be worn as a bracelet or a necklace chain.

Our handmade Miami Cuban chains are the highest quality you will ever find. We take time to make sure each link is perfectly made and matched to fit you. Not only are the chains themselves beautiful but they are finished with a Cuban box clasp. Only the strongest lock you can have on a chain!

So, you are wondering, how am I going to decide what the perfect chain is for me? Call us, we will tell you what will look best on you at your price range, AND we will hand make your chain, specifically for you with any karat content you want. That means you have all the options in the world, including:

10 KWhite Gold

147g at 22”

14 K
Yellow Gold61g at 24”
18 K174g at 26”
22 K188g at 28”
24 K201g at 30 “

It would be silly to buy a Miami Cuban link chain anywhere but Miami, so shop Daniel Jewelry and know you are getting the perfect chain every time.