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Miami Cuban Link Chains of the Highest Quality

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When you're buying something, no matter what it is, you want the brand or model that's going to provide you with the highest quality. Whether it's clothes, shoes, or a vehicle, you want your money to be well spent. At Daniel Jewelry, our Miami Cuban link chains are of the highest quality and are never casted or molded, meaning each chain is unique. Every chain that we sell is handmade, and we pay very close attention to each and every link.

We sell a variety of chain lengths and diameters, so if you know which one is suitable for you, you can easily make your selection. If not, a good place to start is a shorter chain, since you don't want your first chain to hang all the way to your belt, unless that's your preference. We've covered how to choose the right chain length before, so feel free to reference that information as well. Our 10mm Miami Cuban Link Chain in 14 karat gold comes in lengths of 22", 24", 26", 28", or 30". You can also commission a custom chain length in your desired karat, and instead of yellow gold, we can make yours in white gold!

When you're searching for the highest quality gold chains, look no further than Daniel Jewelry. We stand behind every product that we sell and chain that we make. If you live in the Miami area and would like to visit our shop and showroom, feel free to stop by at 8100 NW 103rd St in Hialeah Gardens. We'd love to meet you and help you find your next piece of fine jewelry!