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The Biggest Rules For Men Who Wear Jewelry

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The power of jewelry may be stronger than you think. It sends signals about who we are, our status in society, and even what commitments we have made during our lives. Here at Daniel’s Jewelry, your source for premium Miami Cuban link chains, we’re going to explore a few general rules to wearing jewelry.

Rules For Men When Wearing Jewelry

Are you breaking any of these rules?

Keep things simple.

It’s likely you already keep things fairly simple, but it is still worth mentioning. Start with a classic leather-strapped gold watch, and pair it with a gold band or Miami Cuban Link chain on the other wrist. Next, you can branch out to cufflinks and tie accessories.

Match metals.

Most jewelry for men is metallic. Your outfits should only feature one metal tone at a time, with the two most common tones being gold and silver. Gold goes well with earth tones and browns as well as deep hues like hunter green or royal blue. Silver metals are paired well with black and dark gray clothing for a timeless, sleek look, but you can also wear silver with lighter colors in the summer, too.

Be mindful of dress codes.

In the corporate business world, men can be severely restricted in the type of jewelry they wear. When a business requests “modest” or “tasteful” jewelry, you should stick to things like the traditional tie accents, cufflinks, watches, wedding bands, and lapel pins. However, over the past decade, most companies have expanded their dress codes to accept bracelets and simple necklaces, too.

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