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Difference between Miami Cuban Link Chains

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At Daniel’s Jewelry, we offer many different kinds of men’s gold chains that vary in style, shape and size. We have larger jewelry chains, such as the Franco Box Chain, or we have smaller 9mm ones such as the Cuban Link gold chains. We also have Ball beaded solid chains. So, how do you know what to buy when it comes to jewelry chains? Should you buy a Miami Cuban Link Chain, Ball beaded solid chains, or Franco Box chain? The decision seems endless. Read a little about some of the options we offer and see what would work best with your style.

Miami Cuban Link Chains

Our Miami Cuban Link chains are one of our biggest sellers. We offer the most options in our Miami Cuban Link chains. Our Miami Cuban Link chains are the best quality and pricing that can be found anywhere. The clasps on these jewelry chains are the strongest locks that we are able to be put on a chain. These jewelry chains come in yellow gold and vary between 10k to 14k solid gold. The chains also come in sizes 22 inches to 32 inches.

Franco Box Chain

At Daniel’s Jewelry, we offer a variety of Franco Box chains that come in different sizes, so they are able to fit anyone who prefers a certain style. Our Franco Box chains are the best quality and pricing that you will find anywhere. Each of our Franco Box chains is solid gold and are not hollow or semi-hollow. Each chain comes equipped with a sturdy lobster clasp. Buy a Franco Box chain available from 22 inches all the way to 32 inches long.

Ball Beaded Solid Chain

At Daniel’s Jewelry, we offer Ball beaded solid link chains that are generally yellow gold and 10k to 14k. These Ball beaded solid chains are the best-offered prices and the highest quality you will be able to find anywhere. The chains come equipped with sturdy lobster clasps. All of the chains are finished and come in a variety of different sizes. Get a Ball beaded chain at 22 inches to 32 inches long.

For shopping further for jewelry chains explore our site further. If you would like more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


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