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What Does Your Jewelry Say About You

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Jewelry can say a lot about a person. It is a way to show off your economic status and your sense of style. In fact, your jewelry says as much about your style as your shoes, your hat, or even your car. At Daniel Jewelry Inc., we have been creating exquisitely designed Miami Cuban link chains and other pieces of fine jewelry since 1995, and our chains can really help you to make a statement. So what does your jewelry say about you? The following guide will help you to find out:

  • Bold pieces- The bigger and bolder your jewelry is, the more likely it is that other people will perceive you as being confident, sociable, and outgoing. 
  • Small pieces- Wearing small, understated pieces of jewelry make the statement that you are a quiet observer that doesn't usually like to be noticed.
  • Gold pieces- For thousands of years, gold has been the status symbol of prosperity and wealth. Not only does gold symbolize wealth, but it also demonstrates your love for tradition.
  • Diamonds- Nothing else represents sophistication and elegance quite like diamonds do. When you wear diamonds, it shows that you are not only elegant and sophisticated, but it also shows that you are a romantic at heart. 
  • Pearls- Pearls have a timeless elegance that nothing else can compare to. When you wear pearls, you are giving the impression that you are classy, and you believe in the beauty and simplicity of tradition. 
  • Natural pieces- Natural jewelry, wooden bracelets, woven chains, etc. give the impression that you respect nature and everything that it has to offer. It also can make you look outdoorsy.